In these uncertain times, we are thankful to live in a country with exceptional medical facilities, a government that is responding to the COVID-19 crisis, and communities that are looking out for each other. 

India however has a poor public health system with many concerned about the capacity to respond to the COVID-19 situation. Read more here

The number of confirmed cases and deaths in India is low possibly due to poor testing rates rather than lack of infection. See here. It is anticipated that millions in India will be impacted by the virus, the poor and marginalised will be the least equipped to cope.

Those we serve live in cramped conditions where the virus can spread quickly, fear is extensive, misinformation abounds, and medical help is limited. Vulnerability is increased to due underlying health issues and lack financial resources, exacerbated by inflated prices caused by the outbreak.
Our teachers have introduced awareness programmes in the schools.

Click on photo to view Schools incorporating COVID-19 awareness

Our team are following the World Health Organisation and government guidelines, working to combat the spread of the virus through hygiene education and provision of health care. We are preparing an effective and immediate response. With 200+ Community Health Workers, hundreds of school and other staff spread across India, millions of vulnerable people are within our reach. Our team are nationals, who are already present in the villages, speak local languages, and are respected in their communities.  


We are currently up-skilling our health team; providing them with medicines, masks, soap and oxygen. They will work in villages promoting hygiene practices, allaying fears and providing access to emergency care.  We are equipping our clinics with necessary medicines and supplies.   

Our teams will help the sick attend clinics for treatment, helping with transport and hospital stays according to the various needs.

In these unprecedented times, we invite you to help us to channel practical help to those who are most vulnerable.  

Here’s what your gift will do:

  • Equip Community Health Workers for hygiene education both in the villages and in our schools
  • Supply our clinics with medicines, oxygen and necessary equipment
  • Provide urgent life-saving hospitalisation for those in need.
  • Transform classrooms to self-isolation centres for the homeless

We would love to provide hope to some of the most marginalised and vulnerable people affected by COVID-19, ensuring health and mental care, and the kind of practical help that we often take for granted. 

Help us today, by donating here, E: [email protected] or phone 1 800 949 774.

Please note: Australian donations are tax-deductible, however New Zealand donations are not tax-deductible at this time.