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Community health worker
$450/3 months
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Our Community Health Workers are passionate about providing access to health care to those who are most vulnerable. Funds support their training, equipping them with educational materials, Personal Protective Equipment, and travel costs.
Hand sanitiser pack (10)
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Community Health Workers promote the importance of using sanitisers in the home and surrounds, and distribute hand sanitiser packs to families to provide protection.
Hand washing Kits and Kiosks (10)
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Handwashing kiosks complete with basin, soap and 3 months of water supply will be established in slum areas/streets/market places. Education in effective hand washing techniques will be provided by our health workers.
Nutrition Supplement packs (35)
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Those who have access to rice lack essential nutrition that will help boost their immunity. Our teams provide high nutritional supplements particularly targeting children, the elderly, the sick and those with disabilities.
Feed a family of four for a month
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Daily wage earners have lost all form of income since lockdown in March. Food distribution teams distribute food packs to those most impacted, providing them with enough food for their families for the month.
Child sponsorship
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Sponsor a child and help them discover the freedom to hope, dream, and break the cycle of poverty. $40 a month provides education and health care for a vulnerable child.
Jogini child sponsorship
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Sponsor the child /grandchild of a Jogini, providing education and health care for the most vulnerable of all. The extra monthly amount covers travel to and from another village ensuring anonymity, and to meet extra needs.

*If the item you have selected has been funded, your donation will be allocated to other urgent needs to complete the shelter.