Choose from the gifts below, and transform a life this Christmas!

Saris for Jogini women
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A new sari helps our Jogini Village Leaders feel respectable and valued, increasing self-worth, and assisting in restoring her dignity.
STD treatment (5)
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Many women suffer from various STDs. Treatment for these precious women is essential and will enhance their quality of life.
De-worming treatments (10)
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Children with worms are at risk of malnutrition, as worms steal essential nutrients from food.
Our de-worming programme helps our students stay focused at school, able to study, play and grow.
Nutrition packs (10)
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Nutrition packs help vulnerable women and children maintain better health, impacting many areas of their lives.
Eye Testing and Glasses
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Uncorrected vision can present a significant barrier to vulnerable children excelling at school. A simple way to make learning easier is to provide optical testing and glasses.
Library book set
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Library books are a precious gift and provide children with the opportunity to discover the joys of new stories, new worlds and exciting information.
Jungle gym play-set
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Give the gift of play to children who do not know what it is to be a child.
A jungle gym provides interaction and hours of enjoyment for our precious students.
Swing set
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Give the gift of play to children who do not know what it is to be a child. Memories are made on swings as children giggle, dream and soar.
Sponsor a child
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Sponsor a child and help them discover the freedom to hope, dream, and break the cycle of poverty. $40 a month provides education and health care for a vulnerable child.
Sponsor a village
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The cost to work in a village for a year is $1,600, coving a Jogini Village Leader, half a Community Health Worker, and additional staff; ensuring advocacy, health-care and support for vulnerable women and at-risk girls. Donations towards supporting a village can be made i.e. you can support a village for 2 months, 6 months or an entire year.