Christmas Wish List

We’re excited to share our Christmas Wish List and connect you with some special opportunities to give.  During this season we invite you to remember the poor and vulnerable, and make a difference in their lives!

  • Child Sponsorship: $40 a month (or $60 for the child of a Jogini)
  • Immunisations: $155 – Provide a series of inoculations for a child for 12 months covering a range of childhood diseases.
  • Community Health Worker: $1,500 for a full year of salary for a CHW to provide health care for vulnerable communities
  • Jogini Leader: $250 for a Jogini to run awareness programs and connect with Joginis to prevent dedications
  • Business Grant for Jogini Women: $80 to facilitate Jogini women starting small businesses
  • Sewing Machine:  $220 so a woman can provide for her family
  • Buffalo: $480 will provide 15 litres of milk for 7 years
  • Goat: $110 can provide a significant source of protein to a village
  • Chilli Press: $780 – One chilli press will provide a sustainable source of income for up to four different women
  • Schoolrooms painted: $250 – a fresh coat of paint will boost morale and help students enjoy their learning environment!
  • School Wall construction: $400 for 200 bricks – A wall around a school provides security for both students and teachers and is essential for accreditation standards.

Please note: All gifts to DFN Australia are Tax Deductible. We do not have tax deductibility in New Zealand.

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