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Every year we see incredible partners discovering innovative ways to raise funds to support our projects including running a marathon, hosting a clothes swap, organising an end of year dance.

All report it was loads of fun, a great way to share the story, and very fulfilling. For ideas to create YOUR personal fund-raiser, download our Fund-raising toolkit. We can provide you with posters and flyers to help make your fund-raiser a resounding success.

Email with ideas, suggestions or questions:
[email protected] / [email protected]

Ideas include:

  • Organise a fun run or walk-a-thon for your school or colleagues

  • Pledge your birthday – ask people to make a donation instead of bringing a gift

  • Take part in a PJ Day where you wear your pjs to work, school or uni 

  • Register for a marathon 

  • Hold a morning or afternoon tea and share about DFN

  • Put together an Art Exhibition 

  • Host a karaoke night and charge a fee at the door 

  • Hold a fashion show or clothes swap

  • Sausage sizzle at your local Bunnings store or community markets

  • Host a movie night – highest bidder gets to decide the movies you watch

  • Run a Christmas stall at local markets, school or church

  • Work lunch: bring a special dish and ask for donations

  • Challenge your friends to a trivia night 

  • Hold a gala dinner or ball 

  • Cupcake drive or Bake sale

  • Set your own physical challenge

  • Co-ordinate a group Garage sale or market stall 

  • Give up coffee and donate the money you’d normally spend

  • Register for Upstream Challenge


We Need your Support

These women and children have the odds stacked against them from birth, but education and empowerment can restore their dreams and hopes, bringing transformation not only to them but to their families and to entire communities.