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Include a gift to DFN in your Will

Thank you for considering leaving a gift to DFN in your Will (also known as a bequest). Leaving a gift in your Will is a meaningful way to express your beliefs and values in a lasting way. Including DFN in your Will leaves a legacy with life-changing and eternal impact. Such a gift will assist and empower women and children in desperate need, providing them with the spiritual, emotional, economic, social and physical support they need to be released from poverty.

Your gift no matter how small or large, is much more than a financial donation. It can enable our team to bring hope and restore dignity to some of the most marginalised women/girls in the world today.

How to leave a bequest to DFN

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Making a bequest is a very personal act. You can choose to leave your bequest to DFN for general use, or you can direct your bequest to a more specific need such as Education, Health Care, Vocational Training or the Anti Human Trafficking Project.

Bequests of any size will contribute to growing this work and will be gratefully received. We recommend that you speak to a solicitor and financial advisor about bequest options. For your convenience, we have prepared the following sample wording:


Is the Will legally valid?

Safewill's Wills have been drafted by practising Australian solicitors, and are reviewed and updated regularly to ensure that the document meets all legal requirements. On top of that, every Will is reviewed to make sure that it has all been filled out correctly. Provided that the Will is correctly signed and witnessed in accordance with our signing instructions, the Will meets the key legal requirements under Australian law.

What is included in the Will?

Safewill covers the basic features of Will writing including executorship, appointing guardians for your children and pets, and estate distribution. Safewill also allows you to leave behind meaningful gifts, create comprehensive asset lists for your executor and specify funeral instructions.

What if I want to change my Will?

Keeping your Will up to date with changing circumstances is very important. With the optional Safewill subscription service, you can make unlimited changes to your Will to reflect your current situation and current legislation for just $15/year. The first year is included for free.

Is my information secure?

We know the importance of securing both your data and your testamentary wishes included in your Will. Safewill uses global best practice systems for security and data protection, including encryption, user verification and secure hosting.

How do I know if Safewill is right for me?

Our Wills are appropriate for the majority of people with relatively simple estates. If you have complex family or personal circumstances, or complicated asset holdings that may require tailored legal or taxation advice, we'd recommend seeking advice from a legal professional. Safewill can offer you a referral to their affiliate law firm, Safewill Legal, who can provide legal advice at an affordable fixed fee.

Can I make an international Will with Safewill?

Safewill has been designed to effectively dispose of your Australian assets. While you can list your international assets in your Australian Will (and direct your executor about where to find them), we cannot provide any certainty as to whether the disposal of those assets will be effective under the law of the relevant overseas country. For certainty, we recommend obtaining legal advice in that overseas country about whether your Australian Will is appropriate in the circumstances.

I want to write a couples Will with my partner, can I do this with Safewill?

Our legal advisers have let us know that in Australia, it is highly recommended that each Australian adult has their own Will, so you and your partner will each need to create individual Wills (this is also beneficial from an information security perspective).

However, we're trying to help all Australian families protect their loved ones, so we offer couples's pricing. Your partner can access a 50% discount on the price of their Will once you have submitted yours. We can even help to populate their Will for them as a mirror to yours if they'd like.

Can I get legal advice while I fill out my Will?

Yes! At the checkout of your Will you can add in the ‘Legal advice’ option. This provides the option to book in a phone call with a specialist Wills & Estate lawyer to obtain personal legal advice about your Will.

For some of our users, they would prefer to speak to a lawyer about their Will before signing it, to ask questions specific to their personal circumstances or request amendments for more complicated instructions they were not able to insert into the platform.

Can I get an Enduring power of attorney and Enduring guardianship with Safewill too?
Yes, we do offer Power of Attorney (both medical and financial) and you can do both of these documents for $99. You will see the option to purchase this once the Will is completed.

What is the difference between Safewill and a Will Kit?

Compared to a Will Kit, our Wills have greater optionality in what you can list and include. Rather than being a static form that can only be filled in once, our Wills can be changed by you regularly to reflect your current circumstances (without the need to constantly purchase a new ‘kit’). Further, our Will precedent is more adaptive to changes in the current law and you can be confident knowing that you will be notified if there are any legal changes that require you to sign a new Will. On top of this, every Will written with Safewill is reviewed by an Australian lawyer to ensure it has been correctly filled out, and a full year of unlimited updates is included in your purchase.

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If you have included DFN in your Will or are thinking of doing so, we would love to hear from you. For a confidential discussion, please contact us at [email protected] / [email protected], or if in Australia you can phone 1800 949 774.