For over 2,000 years, young girls have been dedicated to the goddess in parts of India. Girls are ‘married’ to the deity without consent and are trapped in a life of ritualised, systemic abuse.

We are empowering these women with the goal of seeing the system dismantled.

This one CAN end.

Join us at our upcoming dinners to hear stories of transformation.

After living in our shelter to prevent her being dedicated as a Jogini, Manjula has graduated from high school and is now a teacher in a Good Shepherd School. She will share her amazing story.

Additionally, in Australia, the nation’s leading lady of musical theatre, Marina Prior, will captivate us with some of her favourite songs.

A night not to be missed.

Melbourne – September 12

Wellington – September 13

Tauranga – September 14

Auckland  – September 16

Brisbane – September 17

Sunshine Coast – September 18

Sydney  – September 20

Adelaide – September 21

Perth – September 24