Giving the poor and marginalised knowledge and skills to help them find employment or set up a small business. Why? When you are constantly told that you are worthless and that you are destined for the most menial, degrading and dehumanising work, you need hope and opportunities. This is why...


Why? When you experience extreme poverty and marginalisation, sometimes all it takes is a little encouragement and moral support to help you succeed. This is why we do what we do! What? Our LAMP groups – self-help – provide an environment where women can develop and grow in confidence, as...
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Why? Despite their best efforts, South Asia’s poor and marginalised often find themselves out of work, fighting daily for casual opportunities, or confined to their traditional role in the most degrading and dehumanising work. This is why we do what we do! What? We provide opportunities for people to realise...

Virtual Education Innovation

Sitting on the dirt floor of her simple home, *Sunita organises the worksheets her father collected from her school that morning.  She has not seen her teacher since March, and she misses her dearly.  These worksheets are not simply assignments, they represent a relationship to her. They are a symbol of...
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Freeing One Child At a Time

According to UNESCO, one in five children are currently not attending school. There are many reasons for lack of schooling but for millions of children, the number one reason is poverty. Can you imagine being 12-years-old and instead of excitedly getting ready for a brand-new school year, you are instead...
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Doctor B Story

Not all superheroes wear capes and leap off tall buildings, fighting evil plots to destroy the world. Sometimes they wear PPE. Our Doctor B. is a hero.  Fierce and compassionate, she fights for the vulnerable with a stethoscope and reassuring words. In normal times, she leads our health work, sees...
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*Nadia’s Story

As a young woman Nadia was caught in a violent marriage. She never knew when her drunken husband would come home to take his anger out on her. With two young boys, it was only a matter of time before he came after them. Enough was enough and Nadia left....
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*Navnitha’s Story

Planning for her dedication service began when *Navnitha turned six. One of our social workers approached her parents, explaining the illegality of the system and the cruel consequences of such a dedication. The parents were under tremendous pressure by the local villagers to follow through with the dedication so they requested...
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*Jayamma’s Story

*Jayamma was 7 when her father told her she was to be dedicated. He could not afford a dowry for her, and he needed someone to look after him in his old age. The solution was to dedicate Jayamma to the temple goddess. The entire village attended the ceremony, yet Jayamma...
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