Christmas Appeal

THank you for the generous donations!

Thank you for generously giving this Christmas, helping support the work amongst marginalised communities.
Over $72,000 was donated, proving meals, healthcare, education, support, dignity and hope.
We are grateful for every partner, and every donation. Together we are seeing people recover their inherent value and worth!

Sari and Blanket


Provide a vulnerable woman with a new sari so she can feel special, and a blanket to keep her warm when evenings are cool.
Code: G1

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Student Eye Testing and Glasses


Uncorrected vision can hinder students learning. Eye testing and glasses can help these students to thrive.
Code: G2

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School Uniforms


As students return to face to face lessons in the classroom, a new uniform will put a smile on their faces!
Code: G3

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Feed a Family for a Month


Food packs are distributed to impoverished communities, providing a family of 4 with nutritious food for a month.
Code: EOFY AU 1

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Nutrition Supplements (30 bags)


Nutritional packs of Mannamix ensure vulnerable women and children have better health , impacting many areas of their lives.
Code: EOFY AU 2

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Medical Care


Vulnerable women suffer from many serious health issues requiring medicines, telehealth consultations, healthcare and support.
Code: EOFY AU 3

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Village Leader


Sponsor one of our incredible Village Leaders, working to empower abused women and end trafficking in her village, $250/year/village.
Code: EOFY AU 4

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Community Health Worker (3 months)


Health Workers provide vulnerable women and children with healthcare:$450/3 months.
Code: EOFY AU 5

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New Classrooms


As our schools expand, many need new classrooms to provide a positive leaning space for our students.
Code: EOFY AU 14

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Sponsor a Child


Sponsoring a vulnerable child will give them opportunities to dream of a positive future and break out of the poverty cycle.
Code: EOFY AU 8

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Sponsor a vulnerable child


Sponsor a vulnerable child who is the daughter, son or grandchild of an abused woman.
Code: EOFY AU 9 *Email us for details

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Shelter Operational Costs (monthly sponsorship)

From: $50.00 / month

A monthly gift for shelter operations including food, supplies and maintenance to ensure the building is a home for women and girls.
Code: EOFY AU 11

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School Library Books


Library books provide children with the opportunity to discover the joys of new stories, new worlds, and exciting information.
Code: G7

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Business Grants for Women


Running a fruit stall or tea-kiosk enables vulnerable women to provide for their children and gives them renewed dignity.
Code: G8

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Motorbikes for Social Workers


Social workers provide encouragement, support and practical help to vulnerable communities devastated by the second wave.

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We Need your Support

Enjoy preparing for Christmas and help re-write the story for vulnerable communities.