Christmas Appeal

THANK YOU for giving to our 2022 Christmas Appeal

Thank you for the generosity shown by so many over the Christmas period, bringing hope and dignity to many impoverished and needy communities.  Your kindness is greatly appreciated!

Health: Clinic Supplies


Medications, bandages and equipment are needed for our team to meet essential health needs for impoverished communities. EOFYAU4

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Education: Textbooks


Provide a student with the textbooks, workbooks and exercise books they need for success this academic year. C1

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Education: School Uniforms


A school uniform set includes a fresh new school uniform and a sports uniform for one of our excited students! C2

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Education: Science Equipment


Students are fascinated to study science; biology, physics and chemistry, essential for many careers. C3

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Education: Computers & IT


Help set students up for confidence and success, computer literacy is critical for many fields of study and careers. C4

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Education: Swing set


Children who live in poverty have not had the luxury of learning to play. Help restore the simple joys of childhood. C5

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Empowerment: Sewing Machine


Provide a woman with the dignity of providing for her family including training, sewing machine and materials. C6

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Healthcare: Telehealth


We want to put more tele-health clinics in remote and rural areas, providing impoverished families with healthcare. C8

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Where Most Needed: Education

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Help us build better schools, up-skill staff, providing quality holistic English-Medium education for vulnerable children. C10

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Where Most Needed: Healthcare

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With your help, we can provide more effective health pathways and medical care to impoverished communities. C11

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Where Most Needed: Home office

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Help us as we work to provide more education, healthcare, economic empowerment, and protection for vulnerable women and girls.  C12

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Thank you for your response to the our 2022 Christmas appeal!