We want to ensure more vulnerable children receive life-transforming quality education, inclusive of health care, and the opportunity to dream big dreams. We want to see more vulnerable children receive life-transforming quality education and support and develop our schools to release a generation of empowered and equipped young adults…
With your help, we can.

Marginalised Women

We want to help at-risk girls live in freedom and security, and empower stigmatised and vulnerable to recover hope and dignity.
With your help, we can.


We aim to provide a range of healthcare services accessible to the poor and marginalised, through Community Health Workers and clinics, particularly in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. With your help, we can.

Economic Empowerment

We want to see more people know the dignity of earned success, working to provide for their families. Our Economic Empowerment programmes support vocational training, business grants and self-help groups, enabling the vulnerable to earn a livelihood. With your help, we can.

Leave a Bequest

Consider leaving a gift to DFN in your Will (also known as a bequest). Leaving a gift in your Will is a meaningful way to express your beliefs and values in a lasting way.

Support a Village

We are currently working in over 250 villages, but we want to expand. To support the work in each village costs $1,800 per year per village. Donate to help the work expand, so more women and girls are free to live a life of dignity.

Christmas Gifts

This Christmas we invite you to consider giving gifts that bring joy to the recipient and transformation to those most in need.
Check our practical gifts catalogue today.

We Need your Support

These women and children have the odds stacked against them from birth, but education and empowerment can restore their dreams and hopes, bringing transformation not only to them but to their families and to entire communities.