Hope for the Jogini Girls Dinners 2020

For over 2,000 years, young girls have been dedicated as Joginis, ‘married’ to a deity without consent and thereafter trapped in a life of ritualised, systemic abuse.

We work to prevent dedications, and empower Jogini women to seek freedom
with the ultimate goal of seeing the system dismantled.

This one CAN end.

We invite you to join us for a very special dinner in the comfort of your own home.

We would love to host our annual ‘Hope for the Jogini Girls Dinners, but this year it is not possible.
COVID-19 makes travel impossible and restrictions are continually changing.

However, the work in India continues to flourish, responding to the COVID-19 crisis, serving the poor and vulnerable, and seeing incredible transformation.

We want to share these stories with you!

This year, we are planning 5 virtual dinners: 2 in New Zealand, 2 on the East Coast and 1 on the West Coast of Australia, hosted by individuals in the comfort of their own homes.

All that is needed to join one of our dinners is: internet access, connection to a TV screen via a device, delicious Indian food, and guests (where possible) ready to enjoy a great evening.

The theme of the dinners is ‘A touch of India’. Jonathan & Kate will MC live from Melbourne, with the program including video with shelter updates, a message of encouragement from Dr Beryl, interviews with the team, and footage of our COVID-19 response. Resources, activities and the program will be provided, ensuring a memorable and inspirational event.

Funds raised will support the work, restoring hope and dignity to vulnerable women and girls.

Simply click on the link below to register for the dinner date that you would like to join. Our team will be in touch and we will provide resources so we can enjoy a fabulous evening ‘together apart’.

  • New Zealand: August 27th or 29th click here
  • Australia East Coast: September 10th or 12th click here
  • Australia West Coast: September 19th click here

This will be an inspiring series of dinners, not to be missed.


  • The theme is ‘A touch of India’; use your imagination to create an Indian atmosphere
  • Resources and activities will be provided prior to the evening
  • Indian music is available upon request
  • The program will be streamed through Vimeo, the link provided prior to the event
  • Numbers: Compliance with Country / State restrictions is essential; anything from 1 person to however many are allowed where you live. Larger groups can meet if & as appropriate
  • Who to ask: Feel free to invite your family, friends, Life Group, neighbours, anyone keen to enjoy an evening that will inspire
  • Food: Enjoy delicious Indian cuisine. You can cook it, buy it, ask people to bring something and/or ask people to contribute to the cost of the meal, whatever works for you
  • Funds raised will support and expand our work in 270 villages in India, supporting women trapped in an abusive system. Our goal is to continue funding these 270 villages, and to expand into more villages
  • Note: Hosts cannot receive cash; donations can be made on line, via the response form, or by cheque
  • For any other questions, please email [email protected] or [email protected]
  • All donations are tax-deductible