Doctor B Story

Not all superheroes wear capes and leap off tall buildings, fighting evil plots to destroy the world. Sometimes they wear PPE.

Our Doctor B. is a hero.  Fierce and compassionate, she fights for the vulnerable with a stethoscope and reassuring words. In normal times, she leads our health work, sees patients in our mini-hospital, and works hand-in-hand with our network of Community Health Workers.

But times aren’t normal right now. Instead of a steady influx of patients with ordinary illnesses, Doctor B and her team are flooded with potential Covid-19 patients. While most of India is locked down, forbidden from leaving their homes, Doctor B. is on the front line. Like health workers everywhere, she willingly and knowingly puts herself at risk to serve the most vulnerable – the ones society leaves out.

Like many of us, Doctor B is also a mother to three active boys, a wife, a sister, a daughter, and a granddaughter. Like us, she cooks for her family, cares for her parents and grandparents, and tucks her boys in at night, all while managing the complexities of leading a health system in the midst of a pandemic.

Doctor B. has a vision to multiply the work in the midst of the need. With 6 tele-health clinics commencing this year to provide greater care in remote areas, many of the most vulnerable are finding health and hope in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. But that is not enough for Dr B. There are still thousands upon thousands who have no access to healthcare.

Heading the need and the vision, we are expanding to 20 rural tele-health clinics, then 50, then 100. While people have needs, Dr B. dreams of how to help.

That’s why today, she is our hero. Our superhero in PPE.

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