End Of Financial Year DONATION

End Of Financial Year: Bringing transformation, one life at a time

Join us in our quest to see a greater impact in impoverished communities, providing more health workers, more community workers, and more tele-health clinics, providing essential care and support to more vulnerable women, and supplies for students in our schools. We want to see more little girls saved from systemic ritualised abuse. 

As the end of the financial year approaches, we invite you to help us, so more vulnerable women and children will receive practical, timely care, discovering that they have value and worth.

For donation options see below or E: [email protected]


School text books


Provide a student with the textbooks, workbooks and exercise books they need for success this academic year.

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School Uniforms


A school uniform set includes a fresh new school uniform and a sports uniform for one of our excited students!

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Telehealth clinic


Help us expand our tele-health clinics into remote and rural areas, providing impoverished families with healthcare.

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Skills Training


Provide a woman with the dignity of providing for her family including training, sewing machine and materials.

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Village Leader


Support a Community Village Leader working in her village to help empower women and protect vulnerable girls.

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Health Worker: 3 months


Support an amazing Community Health Worker for 3 months, providing healthcare to impoverished communities.

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Sponsor a child


Provide a children with quality English-medium healthcare – $40/month.

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Home Office

Any amount – your donation!
Your support will help our Home Office team to tell the story across New Zealand.

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Laptops for students


Provide a laptop for our new computer lab at a NZ supported school.

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Direct credit details

To direct credit our bank details are:
Bank: Westpac
Account Number: 03-1509-0085320-000
Account Name: Dignity Freedom Network New Zealand Trust Board

Please reference your name, Gift Code(s) and quantity.

If this is your first gift, please send us an email with your name and details so we can send you a tax receipt.

All gifts are fully tax-deductible.

E: [email protected] or click on the link and donate online.

Donate via credit card

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    Please choose a donation amount or use the 'other' option to enter your own amount. All amounts are in NZD.


    Are gifts tax-deductible?
    Yes, all gifts are fully tax-deductible

    Banking has changed in India, can the funds be remitted?
    Yes, our bank accounts are open, and funds are regularly being remitted.

    What % of gifts goes to the project?
    80% of every gift goes directly to the project. Extra remittance is regularly sent at the discretion of the board.