Thank you for helping make a significant step towards ending the Jogini Practice!

The Pratigya (Promise) Shelter will provide a safe home for at-risk young girls who are given into our care to avoid dedication and for Jogini women in need of rehabilitation after horrific abuse.

Through your generous donation, you are directly contributing to a better life for hundreds of the world’s most impoverished families and sowing into a future free from the threat of this systemic and ritualised abuse.

Plates/cups/cutlery set
200 needed
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Everyday items such as plates, cups and cutlery are necessities when feeding a family of 150 people! Help us restore dignity to these women and children by providing eating utensils and crockery.
100 needed
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Having a safe home means having privacy from the outside world. Gifting a set of curtains means little girls are free to dream and play in a protective and safe room and environment.
300 needed
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Chairs are a staple part of life: sitting at tables to play games, talk and eat and studying at desks to further opportunities. This is a gift that will give these women and girls opportunities to build a family environment and study.
Bed linen/towel pack
160 needed
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We all know that quality linen is worth the investment. Having personal linen and towels helps our precious girls at the Pratigya shelter feel dignified and esteemed. Personal hygiene is always a priority.
20 needed
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In India, a bicycle is not just for fun, it is a primary mode of transport for those without a car. Help our precious women and girls get to school, friends' houses and workplaces by gifting them a quality bike.
150 needed
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Being able to rest well at night not only comes from sleeping in a safe place, but also having a comfortable bed to sleep in. Help our women and girls to sleep well at night by gifting them with a bed.
24 needed
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In a digital age, computer skills are a must for gaining good employment and furthering educational opportunities. Having 24 computers at the shelter means that the girls will have access to the same opportunities as others, despite their background.
Finish Building the Shelter!
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The Pratigya shelter is almost complete. We still need $241,256 to finish the building, fit out and amenities. Your donation can help us finish this project so that the precious Jogini women and children can call the Pratigya shelter their home.

*If the item you have selected has been funded, your donation will be allocated to other urgent needs to complete the shelter.