International Women’s Day

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International Women’s Day is on March 8th, and we are using this as an opportunity to run a four week campaign to raise funds to support more Jogini Village Leaders.


A Jogini Village Leader is a woman who has left the illegal Jogini practice, received training, and returns to her community to assist other Joginis to leave the practice, and prevent further dedications.

It costs just $250 to support a Jogini Village Leader for one year in one village.
We currently have Jogini Village Leaders in 200 villages, and want to expand into more villages to see more women set free, and more little girls protected.
To do this, we need to raise more increments of $250 this year.
Every $250 raised equates to another Jogini Village Leader supported in another village.
Between February 8th – March 8th, we are running a challenge for local groups or individuals to organise and run their own fundraising events.
Download the International Women’s Day Tool Kit for fundraising ideas and tips for this special cause.
For example, a church in Auckland is organising a clothes swap on March 8th to raise funds for the Jogini women.
The initiative gives these women the ability to have paid and respected work, have her dignity restored, help reach more women in more villages and prevent more little girls from being dedicated.
Follow the campaign on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter where we will be updating the number of Jogini Village Leaders being supported.
Have some fun THIS month, and make a lasting impact on the lives of thousands of vulnerable women and girls.


Give Now