*Navnitha’s Story

Planning for her dedication service began when *Navnitha turned six. One of our social workers approached her parents, explaining the illegality of the system and the cruel consequences of such a dedication. The parents were under tremendous pressure by the local villagers to follow through with the dedication so they requested that their two daughters be taken to a safe place. Our shelter became a home and the safe place for Navnitha and her sister.

When Navnitha first arrived, she had recurring nightmares – nightmares of evil people surrounding her and forcing her to do things that she was terrified of. She would wake in the middle of the night screaming for help. The housemother would embrace the trembling child and assure her that she was safe.

Five years have gone by since Navnitha came to the shelter. 

Navnitha and her sister settled well into a Good Shepherd School, has loving friends and enjoys sports and laughter.  She loves to dance and has performed in front of her whole school.

Navnitha still has dreams. But now her dreams are of a normal family life, a hopeful future and a career as a teacher!

Sadly there are thousands of others just like Navnitha who are in desperate need of a safe home.

There is an urgent need for a place that provides protection and a safe home for these girls.

Without intervention, many of these vulnerable girls will almost certainly be sold into the sex market.

*Name and image changed to protect the identity

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